short films

The Indigo Crawl (2018)

This film was created for the Down To The Wire 24 hour film race.
created by
Jackson Laurie
Maximum James
Alex Brooks
Blake Draper
Adam Walsh
Caleb Carnell
Dylan Kitchen
Joe Brack
Azela Renova
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Book Club (2017)

This film was created for the 2017 Down to the Wire 24 Hour Film Race. We were tasked with creating a film that contained 4 required elements in 24 hours. Our film won the audience favorite award and the best editing award.

Jackson Laurie - director, writer, cinematographer, editor, sound mixer, and colorist
Joey Laurie - producer
Maximum James - director, editor, and lead actor
Francesca Pacheco - writer, assistant director, and actor
Caleb Carnell - composer
Dylan Kitchen - lead actor, foley artist, and production assistant
Adam Walsh - actor, foley artist, and production assistant
Stephanie Sensanith - visual art, production sound, and actor
Blake Draper - actor, boom operator, and production assistant
Ryan Laetari - in-house musician, actor, and production assistant
Azela Renova - actor and production assistant
Price Toon - actor and production assistant
Michelle Furry - actor and production assistant
Cy Laurie - craft services 24 hour film
Calvin Rhinesmith - actor

© MMXVII cats and beans, llc